New Hideaway Bay Series Novella Coming Soon

When firefighter, RYAN HARPER, fell in love with cop, HALEY O’CONNOR, he imagined a future of marriage and babies – not bullets and break ups. Then Haley was shot on-the-job. She survived. Their relationship didn’t.

Haley spent a lifetime proving herself in a man's world. She had it all. Perfect job. Perfect man. Perfect life.

Taking a bullet rocked her confidence, but not her love of taking down the bad guys, so when Ryan struggled to support her risky career, their relationship crumbled. Walking away from the man she'd loved her entire life was a choice more painful than any gunshot wound.

When danger finds Haley off-duty, will her self-doubts take over, or can she prove she's got what it takes? And will Ryan overcome his fears, accepting Haley, dangerous job and all, to earn a second chance?


Lauren James is a country girl at heart. Raised on a small property surrounded by animals, it's no surprise she writes small town romance with lots of love for creatures great and small. 

Having failed fabulously at baking, painting and playing guitar, this bookworm finally found her creative outlet in writing strong, quirky heroines, and tough, handsome heroes with gooey animal-loving centers. 

Lauren lives on the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia, with her beloved rescue greyhound, Daisy.

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