Where We Belong

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She survived a bullet…

…their relationship didn't.

When best friends Ryan and Haley became lovers, they envisioned marriage and babies, not bullets and breakups.

Now the friendship is broken and the only thing tying them together is joint custody of their unruly German Shepherd.

Haley's new normal sucks. 

Surgeons repaired the wound in her shoulder, but there's no fix for the Ryan-shaped hole in her heart.

Since the shooting, this tough cop is riddled with self-doubt. It could get her, or someone else, killed. The answer is to claim her life back - including her best friend (minus the benefits). If only her lady parts didn't dance the cha-cha with his every smile...

Ryan screwed up and wants redemption.

But the once laid-back firefighter's world is now ruled by fear—police sirens send ice through his veins. His mother may have died on duty, that doesn't mean Haley will. If only his brain would get the memo.

He'll do whatever it takes to banish the nightmares and cold sweats. Taking control of his life is the only way to win Haley back and feel whole again.

With hard work and a little help from their trouble-magnet dog, can Ryan earn a second chance at romance?

If you love small-town settings, second chance romance, best friends to lovers stories, and adorably disobedient pets, this novella is for you.

*This sexy novella features some coarse language and a love scene.*

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"Lauren Harbor sets up her exciting new series with this emotional, sweet and sexy second chance story that's guaranteed to leave you swooning in the end. Don't be fooled by the short length, this story brings ALL the feels." 

~ Stefanie London, USA Today bestselling author